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Creating an industrial control keyboard Read It
This article shows how you can use a virtual keyboard with applications that monitor the WM_KeyDown and WM_KeyUp Windows messages instead of taking the character produced by Windows as input.

Creating a dynamic ad viewer Read It
If you have some extra space available on your keyboard, why not use it to display ads, or other information that may be useful for the user. In this example we will create a keyboard that displays clickable bitmaps (image object) but you can easily achieve a similar effect using almost any object.

Launching applications from a keyboard Read It
Usually your application will launch the Runtime Keyboard, but with version 3.0 and later you can just as easily have the Runtime Keyboard launch any application or document.

Interacting with the Runtime Keyboard using COM Read It
We have created a very simple POS (Point Of Sale) application to demonstrate how the Runtime Keyboard can be used together with your own applications.

Creating non rectangular keys Read It
Windows allow certain controls to be non-rectangular. An example of this is the about window in the Keyboard Designer. The problem with this type of control is that it draws very slowly. Therefore non-rectangular keys and controls are not available in the Runtime Keyboard. However, there are ways to get around this limitation.

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